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NEW LANS Pronunciation Practice App

The NEW LANS Pronunciation Practice App is included with the LANS Workshop and available on the Apple and Google Play stores

Pronunciation Specialists for Asian Professionals

Whether you are an executive preparing for an important meeting, a manager getting ready for a presentation, a supervisor wanting to speak with confidence, or an employee wishing to get that promotion,the power of clear, confident, and easily understood speech is critical to your ability to persuade, explain and engage clients and colleagues. LANS Corporate Pronunciation Workshops go beyond mere accent reduction and provide you with skills necessary to succeed. Group or private lessons are available in class, via Skype or even at your office. Click here to learn more
Be clearly understood by peers, patients and support staff. Whether you are a visiting doctor doing research abroad, a recently arrived medical professional looking for North American accreditation, or a nurse or therapist that believes being understood clearly in English is standing in the way of career advancement. LANS Medical Professional Workshops can help you be a great communicator and a better medical professional. Group or private lessons are available in class, via Skype or even at your office. Click here to learn more
Whether you are a visiting professor looking to improve the quality of your lectures, a graduate student working to complete an advanced degree, a student studying for their pharmacy exam or a traveling student looking to gain command of English including accent reduction while improving your listening skill and achieving results beyond that which are possible to attain with a tutor, LANS Education Workshops deliver rapid and life altering results. LANS is knowledge for life

Group or private lessons are available in class or via Skype

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If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars visiting a foreign country to learn English, study pronunciation first when you arrive! Many students do this and are happy to practice correct pronunciation while they visit Canada. Some students come to me to fix their pronunciation at the end of their trip. They have been in Toronto for 6 months or a year at ESL school, studying with a tutor or working. Then they study with me and greatly improve not just pronunciation but all of their language skills but if they had come to LANS at the beginning of their trip they could have practiced correct pronunciation during their whole stay in Toronto. Don’t lose the opportunity -Group or private lessons are available in class or via Skype Click here to learn more
Whether you work or study in business, medicine, science, law, or simply want to improve your English pronunciation and conversation. My revolutionary program, developed over 16 years, is guaranteed to provide rapid, quantifiable results that will allow you to master English pronunciation and understand English words and sounds. To raidly facilitate this,LANS  provides hundreds of interactive, multimedia, e-learning lesson modules, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world at any time. Click here to learn more

Benefits of LANS

NEW LANS Pronunciation Practice App

The NEW LANS Pronunciation Practice App is included with the LANS Workshop and available on the Apple and Google Play stores. After each class, you can practice the correct sounds with over 30 instructional videos to improve your listening and pronunciation skill!  

LANS Workshops are the last pronunciation education you will ever need

LANS provides a framework for rapidly understanding new words, your own mistakes and how to correct them. LANS is ‘Pronunciation for Life‘. It has worked for over 1000 business professionals, doctors, professors and students so it will work for you. Click the icon to hear what recent graduates have to say about the effectiveness of LANS.

Accent reduction and improved listening skill you can measure from your first sessions

Save thousands of dollars and months of study time. Colleagues, friends and family will notice the difference from your first sessions. NO MORE CONFUSION regarding: the R and L; over 50 other sounds; or between the American and British accent. Click the icon above to listen to recent graduates before and after results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to my 17 years teaching pronunciation and developing LANS, I worked for over a decade as a radio broadcaster in Toronto, Canada, in the sound department for the Canadian television station CTV. as well as working for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and on independent feature films.

Using my professional background, my Bachelors Degree in Broadcasting from Ryerson University and my TESL certification, I began teaching English pronunciation to Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian and other students from around the world looking to master English. For almost two decades I have been listening, understanding and improving English pronunciation for students of all nationalities and disciplines.

I began to see patterns and re-occurring weaknesses in English pronunciation in the students I taught. After having successfully taught more than 1000 students to master English pronunciation I have developed a revolutionary method that greatly increases the speed of learning English by focusing on pronunciation weak points in innovative ways.

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Are LANS Workshops better for me than simply hiring a tutor?
Tutors provide a valuable service in helping those already advanced in English pronunciation to hone their abilities. However, the LANS Method goes beyond simple repetition of what you already know and provides you with a framework for understanding new words, your own mistakes and how to self correct them.  LANS is ‘Pronunciation for Life’
Which is better for my improvement: skype workshops, in person workshops, or your e-Learning tutorials?
It is a matter of preference and convenience. Although many people prefer to take their workshops in person, I have students who complete their entire workshop via skype and they do very well. The e-Learning tutorials can be effectively used alone but to achieve the best results I would recommend using them in conjunction with the workshop of your choice.
What improvement can I expect and when will I notice changes?
Improvement should be fairly immediate. My students notice changes after the first class.  If students do their exercises daily, they improve quickly.
I have been living in an English speaking country for a long time. Why is English pronunciation so difficult?
English pronunciation is different from your native language.  And poor pronunciation habits are difficult to change. I have had 1000s of students from 20 to 60 years old who now have good English pronunciation because LANS Method works.
How is LANS method different from ESL?
ESL classes don’t focus on pronunciation and often confuse British with American accent.  The LANS method teaches clear North American accent and how it’s different from British accent.
Will my employer pay for LANS English Pronunciation Workshops?
Yes. Many employers will pay for professional development of their workforce on the principle that an employee who speaks English clearly is a more valuable employee. Better English pronunciation often better positions employees for promotion. LANS supplies the necessary receipts upon request.
What makes my English clear or unclear?
Many foreigners have learned English pronunciation incorrectly and repeat those mistakes. The LANS method first identifies these mistakes and then develops tailored and effective strategies for correcting them so students are quickly able to achieve clear English pronunciation.
Do you have questions regarding our Workshops?
Please feel free to contact us.
English Pronunciation Specialists for Asian Professionals. LANS Pronunciation Workshops are the last pronunciation education you will ever need.

LANS is Pronunciation for Life!

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