Travel/Social Workshops

Live and learn English at home and abroad

Are you:

  • visiting or working in an English speaking country
  • want to speak clearly to communicate with foreigners when you travel
  • or looking to socialize with English speaking colleagues?

LANS unique Travel and Lifestyle Workshops assess the needs of the student while tailoring the curriculum to meet those needs and provide rapid advancement in the areas most important to you. Workshops are private, one on one, in person or via Skype.

Travel/Social Workshops include:

  • Accent reduction, intonation, linking
  • Master R and L and all vowels & consonants
  • Personalized Before and After speech assessment
  • Improved listening skill
  • Tutoring for you or your child please click (here)
  • Role playing and master Reported Speech

If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars visiting a foreign country to learn English,study pronunciation first when you arrive!  Many students do this and are happy to practice correct pronunciation while they visit Canada. Some students come to me to fix their pronunciation at the end of their trip.

They have been in Canada for 6 months or a year at ESL school or working. Then they study with me and greatly improve not just pronunciation but all of their language skills.

But if they had come to LANS at the beginning of their trip they could have practiced correct pronunciation during their whole stay in Canada.

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Live and learn English at home and abroad with the LANS Travel/Social Workshop today!

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