Medical Professional Workshops

Be clearly understood by peers, patients and staff

Are you a:

    • Doctor,
    • Pharmacist,
    • Researcher,
    • Nurse,
    • Dentist,
    • Therapist,
    • Technician or other medical personnel?

LANS Medical Professional Workshops begin with a needs assessment followed by a customized curriculum. Workshops are private, one on one, in person or via Skype. Proven LANS specialized Medical Workshops will make you a better communicator and a better medical professional

Medical Professional Workshops include:

  • Personalized Before and After speech assessment
  • Specific exercises for hard to pronounce medical terminology
  • Demonstrated success in preparing medical candidates for oral exams and medical conference presentations
  • The key fundamental issues of stress and intonation patterns
  • Medical workplace communication strategies, vocabulary and idioms
  • Improved listening skill

Be clearly understood by peers, patients and support staff.

Whether you are a visiting doctor doing research abroad, a recently arrived medical professional looking for North American accreditation, or a nurse or therapist that believes being understood clearly in English is standing in the way of career advancement.

LANS Medical Workshops will help you be a great communicator ….and a better medical professional.

Be a great communicator and a better medical professional with a LANS Medical Workshop today!

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