Medical Professional Workshops

Be clearly understood by peers, patients and staff
Are you a:

    • Doctor,
    • Pharmacist,
    • Researcher,
    • Nurse,
    • Dentist,
    • Therapist,
    • Technician or other medical personnel?

LANS Medical Professional Workshops begin with a needs assessment followed by a customized curriculum. Workshops are private, one on one, in person or via Skype. Proven LANS specialized Medical Workshops will make you a better communicator and a better medical professional

Medical Professional Workshops include:

  • Personalized Before and After speech assessment
  • Specific exercises for hard to pronounce medical terminology
  • Demonstrated success in preparing medical candidates for oral exams and medical conference presentations
  • The key fundamental issues of stress and intonation patterns
  • Medical workplace communication strategies, vocabulary and idioms
  • Improved listening skill
Be clearly understood by peers, patients and support staff.

Whether you are a visiting doctor doing research abroad, a recently arrived medical professional looking for North American accreditation, or a nurse or therapist that believes being understood clearly in English is standing in the way of career advancement.

LANS Medical Workshops will help you be a great communicator ….and a better medical professional.

  • I took Sandra's LANS Pronounce and Speak Fluently Course where I learned English pronunciation patterns that I couldn’t learn in Japan....I corrected my English intonation and accent through practice reading. The medical practice reading was essential to my successful presentation at an International Medical Conference.

    Dr. Hiroaki Nakashima, Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon, Cervical Spine Research Society 2014 Award for Spinal Cord Research, Neuroscience Research Fellow Toronto Western Hospital

  • I’m a Registered Nurse in Japan, and I’ve lived in Canada for 3 and half years. Since I took Sandra’s lesson, I have confidence speaking English. Before, I used to shy away from speaking with people but now I’m not afraid to talk to people.... She taught me a totally different tongue and lip movement than what I learned in Japan. Her techniques show us how to easily pronounce English correctly.

    Yukari Steponaitis, Registered Nurse

  • I have taken the LANS course for 5 months. Thanks to Sandra, I improved my TOEFL score and corrected my English pronunciation and grammar a lot!

    Dr. Satoshi Matsunaga

  • I am on a Working Holiday Visa in a Canadian coffee shop. After taking the LANS Pronunciation course, it has been easier to communicate in English than before. I can talk with customers more easily and now enjoy my work much more. I think the reason is because I have more confidence in my pronunciation.

    Shiori Sekine, Nurse

  • I was awakened to the truth at my first lesson, I had a lot of misunderstandings about English pronunciation, even though I had learned English for 25 years in Japan. LANS lessons present us our common weak points and provides proper solutions … This is an important point for a busy business person. My English pronunciation was dramatically improved in a short period of time, I strongly recommend taking her lesson.

    Dr. Hideki Tsubota, Cardiac Surgeon, Research Fellow, Sunnybrook Health Science Center

  • There is no doubt that Sandra is the best..teaching English pronunciation in Canada as well as offering order-made communication training. The reason I took her lesson was that I needed to practice Patient Counseling with appropriate English communication skills for the Canadian Pharmacy exam… She knows what Japanese tend to pronounce incorrectly, not only L and R … she knows what should be corrected and how it should be done. I passed the pharmacy test! I wanted to say thank-you for your help because now I am a pharmacist in Canada!

    Atsushi Sato, Pharmacist

Be a great communicator and a better medical professional with a LANS Medical Workshop today!
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