LANS Education Workshops

Demonstrated success with TOEFL, TOEIC, University or Professional Accreditation
Are you:

  • an English student,
  • a traveling student,
  • a professor, teacher,
  • a pharmacy exam student,
  • an IELTS, TOEIC,  TOEFL student,
  • a graduate or undergraduate student?

LANS Education Workshops focus on student assessment and curriculum customization to provide fast, measurable results to help you reach your goals. Workshops are private, one on one, in person or via Skype.

Lans Education Workshops include:

  • Accent reduction, presentation skills, interview preparation
  • Specialized training including TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS preparation
  • Personalized Before and After Speech Assessment
  • Question practice, Yes-No, Questions, Information Questions
  • Master R and L and all vowels and consonants
  • Improved listening skill
  • Intonation and Linking
Whether you are a visiting professor looking to improve the quality of your lectures, a graduate student working to complete an advanced degree, a student studying for their pharmacy exam or a traveling student looking to gain command of English,

LANS Education Workshops deliver rapid and life altering results.

LANS is knowledge for life

Group or private lessons are available in class or via Skype

  • There is no doubt that Sandra is the best..teaching English pronunciation in Canada as well as offering order-made communication training. The reason I took her lesson was that I needed to practice Patient Counseling with appropriate English communication skills for the Canadian Pharmacy exam… She knows what Japanese tend to pronounce incorrectly, not only L and R … she knows what should be corrected and how it should be done. I passed the pharmacy test! I wanted to say thank-you for your help because now I am a pharmacist in Canada!

    Atsushi Sato, Pharmacist

  • When I came to Toronto, I noticed that I did not have much opportunity to improve my speaking skill in English Language Program in UofT speaking score in esl school was very bad. Then I met you and took the LANS course ... I got an A at school in speaking! I became able to say my name in English with confidence, tell my opinion to friends appropriately and ask questions to strangers on the road without hesitation. I think you really changed my life!

    Riko Tabuchi, Pharmacology Major

  • Nursing is my life, so I’d like to work as a nurse in Canada. Therefore, I’ve studied nursing at college. However, when I went to work as a student nurse (clinical practice) at the hospitals, I was shocked because many elderly patients and other staff could not understand my English... [LANS] taught me a totally different tongue and lip movement than what I learned in Japan. Her techniques show us how to easily pronounce English correctly...At the rehearsal, four group members complimented me on my clear English...and we got 28/30...

    Yukari Steponaitis, Registered Nurse

  • I got the maximum score on the listening part of the TOEIC test because I studied pronunciation with you!! It really helped a lot. I could understand much more easily what they said in English and that was amazing! I’m so happy to get this score 🙂

    Kei Ito

  • I have taken the LANS course for 5 months. Thanks to Sandra, I improved my TOEFL score and corrected my English pronunciation and grammar a lot!

    Dr. Satoshi Matsunaga

  • I would like to thank you for the help you gave me for the IELTS exam. I took the exam and I got a great result.
    Thank you very much Sandra!

    Ayaka Praturion, Pet Groomer

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